Winter Morning Walk


I was in Tarbert, in Argyllshire, at the weekend so my morning walk was different from the usual. I took the dog along the Pier Road up to the village for the paper and decided to wander back over by the castle.


Having got up to the castle grounds I decided to wander further round the footpath which marks the start of the Kintyre Trail.  That was the point at which a beautiful morning suddenly changed, with the onset of a freezing cold hail storm.


Just when I was thinking I’d made a really bad decision the light changed. It was amazing and was desperately wishing for my camera when I realised I had my phone with me.


I got some shots on the path before taking a detour up to “Gwen’s Bench” to capture the great views East Loch Tarbert and of the sun rising over Loch Fyne.


31st December 2020


I sat this morning listening to the news and its all very depressing, not a great start to the day!


I took Splat on the Old Hills. It was cold enough that most of the mud was frozen. It was a beautiful, cold, frosty morning and the sun wasn’t long up. It completely turned my mood around.


I’m looking forward to a much better 2021.



September Sunrise – Lensbaby Blog Circle

September and October are my favourite months of the year. One of the reasons for this is the spectacular sunrises. Living on the eastern side of the Malvern Hills I get to watch the sunrise over the mist which clings to the Severn Plain. On some days I can watch it rise up, engulfing everything or receding back to the river. As I got up the other morning and looked out, I knew it was going to be beautiful sunrise. I set my camera up and planned to use the different Lensbaby lenses and optics to play and investigate the different effects. As I was trying to do this in between getting ready for work it didn’t work as planned.


Before dawn the horizon was a deep red colour. As I went back and forth between my camera and getting ready the colour lost its intensity and then deepened again as the sun rose. The mist was thick on the ground and it was amazing to watch it move and change. It was like watching the waves on the ocean in very slow motion. As the sun came up the reflection from the top of the mist was fantastic.


The early shots were taken with the Circular fisheye and Burnside 35, the other are either the velvet 56 or 85.



At the weekend I had more time and was lucky enough to witness another great sunrise. The mist wasn’t so dramatic but the colour was special. This time I was playing with the Sweet 80 and the Zone plate/pin hole optic. They create very different effects. 



I hope you enjoy the photos and don’t forget to follow the circle. Follow the link to Stephanie DeFranco’s blog about Texas gold.


Sunrise in Narnia

The gas lamps in Malvern are really pretty and are said to have inspired CS Lewis. They are no longer powered by gas but retain the gas lit atmosphere.


It was an early start on Sunday morning and a quick tour round the common with the dogs. I thought the timing might be right for a great sunrise photo across the pond, capturing the reflections. It wasn’t to be but as we headed back home the colours were intensifying as the sun rose behind the gas lamps on the Wells Road and All Saints church.


I’d thought about a very similar shot before with a full moon behind the gas lamps but I hadn’t thought about this one with the sunrise. I hope you enjoy them.


Sunrise behind the gas lamp
Gas lamp
Sunrise behind the spire
Sunrise behind the spire

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