Soft Focus Macro


After playing with the new Lensbaby Soft Focus II optic I was keen to play with the original optic and the macro element from the wide angle teleconverter. It wasn’t as warm and sunny this morning so the flowers weren’t as open as they were yesterday. I had to look much harder to find them.


The soft focus was wide open (so f/2). I was surprised how easy it was to focus when I added the macro element. I am pleased with the results.



Winter Morning Walk


I was in Tarbert, in Argyllshire, at the weekend so my morning walk was different from the usual. I took the dog along the Pier Road up to the village for the paper and decided to wander back over by the castle.


Having got up to the castle grounds I decided to wander further round the footpath which marks the start of the Kintyre Trail.  That was the point at which a beautiful morning suddenly changed, with the onset of a freezing cold hail storm.


Just when I was thinking I’d made a really bad decision the light changed. It was amazing and was desperately wishing for my camera when I realised I had my phone with me.


I got some shots on the path before taking a detour up to “Gwen’s Bench” to capture the great views East Loch Tarbert and of the sun rising over Loch Fyne.


Wet Wander – Lensbaby Blog Circle


Welcome to the Lensbaby Blog Circle.


It was one of those mornings where you just don’t want to go out. I’d lain listening to the rain on the windows for what felt like hours and it was still coming down. Each time I thought about going out with the dog it seemed to get heavier. Eventually I decided it was time to go, it wouldn’t be so bad when I got out there. I collected my camera an other stuff and off we went.  I knew it was madness taking my camera but I had to get a shot for my 365 project and I had  two ideas and I wasn’t going back out later, not in this.


By the time I got to the end of the lane the rain has eased off and as we wandered onto the Old Hills I could see hints of a blue sky in the distance. We kept going and it started to brighten up and the sun came out.  Now I was glad I brought my camera, the drenched landscape was stunning in the autumn sunshine.  The raindrops on the trees were glistening like Christmas lights. I’m still playing with the Lensbaby Plastic Optic which added its own magic to the shots.



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