Frozen Puddles


Splat and I fell out several times on our morning walk. He’s still learning “sit” and “stay”. He gets “sit” but not “stay” so its almost impossible to do any macro/close up photography without the scene being destroyed as Splat is desperate to see what I’m looking at or to find a stray paw or nose in the image.


The frost has created some great patterns in the puddles over the last few days. The three shots below were the only ones I managed to capture without Splat’s help, obviously he’d found something more interesting to investigate.


  • Frozen Puddle


31st December 2020


I sat this morning listening to the news and its all very depressing., not a great start to the day!


I took Splat on the Old Hills, It was cold enough that most of the mud was frozen. It was a beautiful, cold frosty morning and the sun wasn’t long up. It completely turned my mood around.


I’m looking forward to a much better 2021.



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