Under the Mistletoe


For today’s photo I had planned to capture some mistletoe. There was a beautiful bunch which I’ve walked passed for the last month or so I headed onto the Old Hills to find it. I was really disappointed to find that someone had cut away all the bits within reach.


Luckily the bunch at my back-up spot was intact and I was able to capture these shots.



Winter Morning Walk


I was in Tarbert, in Argyllshire, at the weekend so my morning walk was different from the usual. I took the dog along the Pier Road up to the village for the paper and decided to wander back over by the castle.


Having got up to the castle grounds I decided to wander further round the footpath which marks the start of the Kintyre Trail.  That was the point at which a beautiful morning suddenly changed, with the onset of a freezing cold hail storm.


Just when I was thinking I’d made a really bad decision the light changed. It was amazing and was desperately wishing for my camera when I realised I had my phone with me.


I got some shots on the path before taking a detour up to “Gwen’s Bench” to capture the great views East Loch Tarbert and of the sun rising over Loch Fyne.


November Challenge – The Edge Optics


My challenge for November was to take a photo each day using one of the Lensbaby Edge Optics. These are the optics I find most challenging. With hindsight I should have planned to use these in the summer when there was more light and more time to play and practice using the slice of focus. Most of the shots below haven’t taken full advantage of the slice of focus.



The Malvern Hills


The Malvern Hills have a very distinct profile which is visible for miles around across Worcestershire and Herefordshire.


I’ve been experimenting with panorama shots, some black and white presets and different light leaks as a result I’ve managed to turn some very ordinary photos into something much more interesting.



In the Tree


I pass this old tree regularly when walking on the Old Hills. It’s amazing!


The main trunk is split down the middle, the centre is rotting and its hollow in places, yet in summer there is new growth on the upper branches and it’s leaves mingle with the others from the surrounding trees.


I’ve watched the fungi growing in the rotten, hollow trunk all this week and thought it was something worth sharing.  Nature’s ability to persist is fascinating.



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