I take most of my photos when I’m out in the mornings with my dogs. August has been a strange month as most of the mornings have been dull and overcast although it often brightened up later.  There are a few flowers in bloom but many have gone to seed and the fruit is beginning to grow and ripen.  Splat and I have enjoyed several bramble breakfasts in the fresh air.


There was a moodiness in the air on the days I took these shots and it wasn’t all down to the Lensbaby Single glass optic.



I hope you enjoy the photos. For more great shots please follow the links to see what others in the blog circle have been photographing in August. Next up is Jessica Verdiere at Kleine Fotokiste


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4 Replies to “August on the Old Hills – Lensbaby Blog Circle”

  1. Dear Seonaid, I’m a little late, but I would like to tell you, that I love your glowing kind of taking photographs. I thought, that it is the velvet, but no. You always fing a way to enter in a fairytale world.
    Greetings, Jessica

  2. Mmmmhhhh, the blackberries are at their ripest around here right now! I really liked the two apple images, they would look great on a kitchen wall. 😀

  3. The Single Glass is a little bit like the Velvet. I love your trip into nature. Placing sharpness is difficult with it and you did a great job with that.

    I really love the last photo with the purple and yellow flower. Solanum? Looks so daintily.

    Thanks for showing!

    Herzliche Grüße

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