Welcome back to the Lensbaby Blog Circle. It’s hard to believe its been over a year since we published our last series of posts.


Here in the UK we’ve had two lockdown periods, the first last spring and into the summer didn’t feel so bad . I think that was because we had god weather, it was light and bright and it was easy to get outside. The second period from New Year was much harder. it was cold, wet and dark most of the time. Luckily i was well throughout and during the first lockdown I did a lot of running and exploring the local countryside.


During this time and when out with my dogs I spotted a number of trees which caught my attention for various reasons, one the main trunk is split and looks dead until I looked up and there are leaves sprouting from the higher branches, there is the stark contrast between the dead tree with not foliage and its neighbour which has lots, the little tree growing underneath the bigger one and others I just like their shape. I’ve captured some of them below.



I’m sure you’ll agree trees are amazing!


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4 Replies to “Trees – Lensbaby Blog Circle”

  1. I love specially the lonely tree with the bench in front. It’s so majestic. And I like the black an white edition too.
    Greetings Jessica

  2. I love lonely trees – the one with the seat below seems to be a good place to rest for a while. Also the mother and child scene is special. The frame around the photos – does this bring the burnside?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Herzliche Grüße

    1. I’ve walked past the mother and child pair so many times without noticing them. It was only when the little one was covered in blossom it stood out.

      The frame is one I use from Lightroom, its not the vignette from the Burnside 35 lens.

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