It was the shortest day of the year. The sun was coming out after what seemed like endless rain.


It feels like its been raining forever. The Old Hills at Callow End are sodden and the mud just sticks to the dogs so we’ve been going back to Malvern Common to walk them. Its still muddy, not as bad as the Old Hills, and there’s bracken, which when the dogs run through it, the mud drops off. It’s a simple but very effective trick for keeping them clean.


I had my Sweet 35 optics with me and my Velvet 56. It was lovely to see the sun shining through the cloud. The softness of the Velvet 56 accentuates the misty mood.



Wishing everyone all the best for 2020.


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  1. Hi Seonaid, I love to see your photos with the sweet 35 and Velvet 56. It is a great choice for your kind of landscape. I love “getting higher” and “clouds across the pond” which looks like paintings.

    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Dear Seonaid, my favorite one is “getting higher” with this magical atmosphere. The others one are great too. But I love your handling of the velvet 56, always fantastic.

  3. Ah yes, rain – seems as this winter has been a non-stop flood of water from above. I love your choice of lenses here, my favourites would be “Getting higher” and “Dogwalker”, but I am also drawn to the plastic optic-look of “Clouds across the pond”. Here’s to a more sunny winter from now on out!

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