After yesterday’s record temperatures it was much cooler this morning and slightly overcast. A great morning for a walk on the Old Hills with my dogs and my camera. Today I was playing with my Burnside 35 and my extension tubes. I wanted to focus on the smaller flowers which before I got into photography I would never have noticed. The are so pretty and add colour to the area.


I was lucky to catch the cheeky little grasshopper. I couldn’t believe he didn’t take off as I got close.


As always if you follow the circle you see more great Lensbaby shots. Next up is Kleine Fotokiste


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  1. I love that you went out to capture the little things that get missed, it’s so true that photography helps you see more. A lovely set of images.

  2. I love the fern and the grasshopper as well. I also love it to dive into meadows. These tiny flowers and insects that you can find there – it is like visiting another world! I agree with Carol – have to try the Burnside for that!

    Herzliche Grüße

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