One of my Definitely Dreaming Project 52 prompts was “From my Doorstep“. I don’t have a great view but spotted a little weed growing in the crack between the wall and the path. It has a really pretty blue or purple flower and looks like a violet, so I used it to get my shot.


This inspired me to get my camera out and capture the other tiny flowers and weeds growing within a few feet of my doorstep. I was playing with my Lensbaby Velvet 56 and extension tubes. So often we miss what’s under our feet, failing to realise and appreciate the beauty.

Follow the circle for lots more great Lensbaby photographers, starting with Birgit Franik


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  1. Great idea to combine both – the blog circle and the prompts. If those “weeds” are photographed with love they become “orchids” 😉 They become wonderful and not to be eliminated – even if red clover is all over some day 😉 No. 13 I find in my lawn, too as well as the red clover which is allover and a popular source of food for insects 😉 I always go back to 6 which looks very interesting, but I love 3 as well, because it shows the “doorstep”.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Nice subject and images Seonaid! Finding the tiny and not so visible beauty is a lot of fun. I had two favorites in your set: #9 and #13. Thanks for sharing them!

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