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At this time of year daisies and dandelions are everywhere, being so common we take them for granted. When I see dandelions I think of when I was a child and I was told picking them caused you to wet the bed. Amazing how things stick.


I usually take photos of the dandelions seed heads rarely the flowers but when I was experimenting with my Edge 35, photographing daisies the blurry yellow of the dandelions in the background made my shots more interesting.



And in black and white they provide great texture as part of the background.


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11 Replies to “Daisies and Dandelions – Lensbaby Blog Circle”

  1. Daisies are beautiful with their fine red tips on the white petals. When we were children, we made hair wreaths out of them, or in the absence of daisies, they had to be the oracle of love. Dandelions are called “Pusteblume” Blow-Flower in Germany which is exactly what we did when we were children. Great photos – the black and white are wonderful, too.

    Thanks for taking me about 50 years back 🙂
    Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

  2. I love these photos Seonaid. I also recall some stuff about dandelions I heard when I was a kid. I was already into my thirties when I learned how nutritious the leaves are.

  3. Lovely set of images Seonaid, it’s funny how we dismiss these as weeds but they are so pretty!

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