I forget how much fun the Lensbaby Circular Fisheye lens can be.


I treated myself to some tulips last weekend and while playing I thought I’d try looking into the flower with my fisheye lens and wondered could I fill the frame with the petals. The result inspired me to try some more close ups. You can see the results below. I love the colours.


Next time I’ll show you some shots taken with this lens on the Old Hills, at Callow End.


For more great Lensbaby shots follow the circle to completion, starting with Carol Vipperman


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  1. Very cool images, Seonaid. I have never used the Lensbaby Fisheye lens before. I think that your choice of this lens with the tulips was superb. My favorite image in the set is the one with the yellow tulip in the middle with two red ones on the sides. I like the symmetry in that image a lot.

  2. They look very interesting these tulip-balls. And how you placed them they look like a great patchwork. What if you cut out the circles and put them tightly together? Reminds me of the medieval bottle of glass windows like in old Italian houses, just colorful. Love it!

    Herzliche Grüße

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